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Utula Nature 2.0: Restorative retreat in season 2023

Wishing a bright start to the new year 2023 to each of you! In the past summer of 2022, we took a creative break and spent a quiet life at Utula Nature, organizing only a few inspiring mindfulness and yin yoga retreats in English and Finnish. Although it felt uneasy to take a break and create space for creativity, it turned out again that the risk was worth taking. During that time, a clear vision for Utula as a retreat place for the 2023 season and beyond was born.

Many long for a deeper connection with themselves

The concept according to our vision is based on the idea that, we feel today's world is a challenging place for people to be truly well and live a deeply satisfying life. The internal and external pressures to be successful and productive, combined with the constant flood of stimuli of our electronic devices, exhausts many people, not to mention the effects of internal conflicts of values on a person, when "there is not enough time" for what is perhaps most important to oneself. At Utula, we feel that navigating these challenges requires an individual mental resilience, self awareness, orientation from within and commitment to defining and setting the boundaries of one's own life in order to protect our well-being. We wish to offer a space where you can rest, gather strength, enjoy life, meeting your needs, and perhaps ask yourself meaningful questions which you may not always have room for in the busy pace of everyday life; am I satisfied in my life, what is exhausting me, whose life am I living? Or whatever questions are essential to you personally, we offer space for them.

Our concept adapts to your personal needs

May we introduce the Utula Nature 2.0 concept: Utula Nature is a retreat place by lake Saimaa that supports rest, presence and introspection. You can come and go according to your own schedule. Our weekly program runs throughout the summer from May to September (Tue 16.5 - Sun 17.9.2023). Choose the duration of the retreat that suits you, from 3 to 21 nights. Also choose whether you want to make your retreat completely silent, include a digital detox and which group classes you wish to participate in according to your personal needs. We have created flexible spaces and practices so that you can shape your experience to suite you. The most important elements of our program are silence, conscious movement, yin yoga, restful meditation and self-reflective writing. All classes are optional. You can also make your experience completely silent, and we strongly recommend a digital detox to everyone during your visit. Classes are held in Finnish and English. Your experience is supported by nature, delicious food, beautiful spaces, gentle sauna and a warm accepting atmosphere. You are welcome to stay with us, just as you are!

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