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You can come to us either on Tuesday ( 6-day retreat) or Thursday (4-day retreat):

* The 6-day retreat starts on Tuesday at 3 pm and ends on Sunday at 2 pm

** The 4-day retreat starts on Thursday at 3 pm and ends on Sunday at 2 pm

NOTE! You can also arrive at the retreat later if arranged, but then you will miss the starting circle and receive general instructions on paper. Guided activities are held bilingually (Finnish+English).

Arrival at the retreat takes place between 13:00 and 15:00. You can arrive either with your own car or bike, or you can book shared transportation between Imatra and Utula both ways at or request the need for a ride using the retreat reservation form. Shared transport arrives in Utula at approx. 14:00. When you arrive at Utula Nature, register in the reception room, from where you will be directed to your room and welcomed. ​

Practical matters and going into silence (info/into silence) take place together on the start day of the retreat (Tuesday or Thursday) before the first guided activity. We will go through more practical things and give up our smart devices together. You have the opportunity to ask and get answers to any questions you may have about the practices or the program before descending into silence. ​

The sound journey is a guided class based on the healing effect of the vibrations of musical instruments, in which we relax and make ourselves as comfortable as possible by lying on our backs, receiving the effects of the sound vibrations in our body. Each sound journey is unique and we use traditional therapeutic instruments known from different cultures, such as drums, koshi bells, ocean drums, sound bowls, rain sticks, etc. The class begins and ends with bringing awareness to body sensations in silence.

In the sharing circle, you get the opportunity to share your retreat experience in a peer group in a way that feels good to you, in your own language. If you want, you can also just listen and participate in the circle in silence. The circle is not conversational, so we don't comment on other people's experiences in the circle, but we practice listening to each other and being heard with an open mind and heart. ​

Therapeutic Talks are one-on-one and confidential discussions in the forest therapy room between 09:00 and 12:00. In the discussion, you can share feelings and reflections that arise during the retreat, and if you wish, you can get guidance for working on your theme independently. Each conversation lasts 20 minutes and the time is booked by writing the name on the list on the wall of the therapy room. There are 4 talks every day, so if you didn't make it one day, you'll be among the first the next day. You can also book the next appointment right after the previous one. ​

On nature walks (Silent Hike), we go for a walk together in silence. The route runs along the 2 km long natural sand beach of Huuhanranta all the way to the lookout point, from where a wonderful view opens up over the lake Saimaa archipelago. The length of the route is approx. 8 kilometers and it is walked calmly in line.

Church rowing (Silent Row) is a silent and meditative group rowing trip to a nearby island, where we land and have time to spend our own time exploring nature or spending time in the way we choose. The rowing pace is very calm and takes approx. 30 min in one direction. ​

There are many independent activities (Independent activities/rest) and you can choose the most suitable for you and your mood. If you want to exercise, you can go cycling, walk on a nature trail, row, paddle, swim or do your own physical or meditation exercise in our yoga tent. You can also choose to participate in a self-directed reflective process (with the help of our workbook) on  any theme of your choice..

Closing circle/out of silence is done together after brunch on the day of departure. In the final circle, you can share as much of your experience as you want or not share and, for example, write about your mood in a diary for yourself.



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