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NOTE! Book an appointment through the Vello reservation system in the most convenient way via this link. If you want to inquire about quick appointments (less than 12 hours from now), send a message to +358 40 758 2335, and we will call you back as soon as possible and we can make an appointment by phone. 

Payment for the service is made with a payment card after your visit. Therapy space in Helsinki Pohjoikaari 22, buzzer Utula Nature.


SOLUTION-FOCUSED SHORT THERAPY 60 MIN (Helsinki / remotely) , €49* (norm. €79)

Solution-focused short therapy is helpful when you are stuck with some topic in life and you feel that you need support in finding new perspectives and action models. Your topic may be related to a dysfunctional action or thought patterns, which appear as challenges in relation to e.g. close relationships, ourselves and our needs, dreams and goals, purposefulness in life, feelings and our expression

or a necessary life change.

Solution-focused brief therapy is goal-oriented, operation- and future-oriented, customer-empowering change process control. The process starts with a defined goal together with the customer, moves towards it and measures the progress, together. A typical process takes 3-10 sessions or continue as long as the client and Therapist feel that the cooperation is moving towards the goal or until the goal state defined by the client has been reached. Therapy includes discussion, exercises to be done together, and possible homework, always on the client's terms. Please note that brief therapy is not a form of mental health treatment or rehabilitation, and it is not a health care activity. Read about customer experiences at the bottom of this page.

*I will graduate and will become a solution-oriented Brief Therapist 2024 and perform work-directed client training.



Conversational relaxation treatment combines full-body treatment based on shiatsu massage given on top of clothes with therapeutic conversation during the treatment. Sometimes and for others, it is easier for us to open up about our lives and feelings when we are not sitting in our seats facing the therapist, looking the therapist in the eye. It is sometimes less intense that the conversation takes place as if "on the other side", when we become less aware of the therapist's reactions and thus more deeply in touch with our own feelings.


During this treatment, the amount of interaction is entirely up to you; you can talk or not talk about the challenges of your life completely in the moment while listening to yourself. At the end of the relaxation treatment, we keep a small summary of what we discussed, and you may get a related homework topic to take home for further work.



Shiatsu massage is a relaxing and gentle treatment for the whole body, which opens the body's tensions, accelerates the metabolism and effectively clears the mind at the same time - it is a superior relaxation method against stress. The purpose of the treatment is to get the body's own energies to flow freely, so that the body and mind are balanced and find their natural state of relaxation.  Massage is a comprehensive form of therapy originating from Japan that treats both mind and body. In the treatment, the body's energy pathways (meridians) are treated with the help of hand and thumb pressure. Spinning, swinging and stretching are also part of the full body treatment.  


MINDFULNESS INDIVIDUAL CONTROL 75 MIN (Helsinki / remotely), 109€ *

Awareness skills are an increasingly important area of life skills that we need and must protect in today's world. We may feel that we easily lose the ability to choose where we focus our attention and for how long, even if aIt is absolutely critical to keep this power to ourselves in terms of energy use and the quality of our lives. Our minds will inevitably become restless, unable to focus, unless we consciously create boundaries for ourselves and exercise our awareness muscle.  In Mindfulness individual guidance, we lightly familiarize ourselves with the basic theory of mindfulness and together we create a tailored midfulness program for you that fits your needs, life situation, preferences and character. A customized program can include formal or informal mindfulness exercises, everyday practices that support awareness skills, or a safety plan with the help of which you "always get back on the horse" when the part of the program seems to slip. *The program defined together will be sent as a documented file to your e-mail.



Yin yoga is a relaxing form of yoga based on Chinese medicine that improves our well-being in many dimensions. Its physiological effects are noticed as improved mobility, when space is created in the connective membranes and tissues with stretches, and as improved metabolism and energy flow. Other effects include improved body awareness and the mind and body's ability to let go of control and surrender to the present moment. Yinyoga individual guidance begins with a needs interview (15 min) conducted over the phone, where we go through the aids you will need for your future yinyoga home practice. In the individual meeting, we will briefly familiarize ourselves with the basics of yin yoga and go through a home program tailored to your individual life situation, physical limitations and needs while doing yoga together.  This way you can be sure that you are doing the movements correctly and safely, even at home alone. *The program defined together will be sent as a documented file to your e-mail.



Logotherapy is a value- and purpose-oriented therapy trend developed by Viktor Franklin, whose core is the idea that we do not "become happy" by striving or pursuing our own happiness directly, but by realizing and recognizing the opportunity offered by each moment to realize our values and our individual place in the world - by giving to the world, receiving from life and dealing with life events with dignity.

Logotherapeutic individual guidance in which we listen to your reflections on the purposefulness, meaningfulness of your own life and your opportunities to recognize and realize your deepest values. One-on-one tutoring includes free-form discussion about topics that interest you, as well as possible homework for further processing of ideas. 



"Body and mind nourished, shoulders massaged, muscles yin-relaxed, we are grateful. Long into the fall, my heart is warmed by this experience!”

 ”A fantastic place and a suitably relaxed B&B executed with excellent taste. The service, food and facilities are top notch! "

"The place is peaceful, personal, rest for the soul and eyes. Clean and fresh, Maiju and Paulo really friendly and considerate. The very best place in Finland. Breakfast excellent, different from the usual. Concept excellent, not crowded! Everyone has room to relax."

"A piece of heaven in Saimaa. A place for relaxation, reflection and empowerment in nature, which shows us its true beauty."

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