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"Thank you for offering an Escape from the modern world - Fantastic Nutrition of both body & mind."

"Thank you for creating a place to stop and heal. In Utula, you can see that you have put your heart into the place. It was definitely worth it to drive this far, I'm going home relaxed, thanks to you."

"A piece of heaven in Saimaa. A place for relaxation, reflection and empowerment in nature, which shows us its true beauty."

"In Utula, I got to experience all the shades of nature from the storm to the calmness of the mirror. The place is wonderful and perfect for thinking about life and examining your own priorities."

"You have created an absolutely amazing framework! In such a milieu and energy, an individual's inner strength and wisdom can emerge."

"The place, landscape, clean water, food, white sand, hosts & staff. Everything - Utula Nature must be experienced for yourself, it cannot be described in words."

"Utula Nature is perhaps the most beautiful place I've stayed." I hope you can offer this place to people for a long time to come."

"We had high expectations, but you surpassed them when we came. The inner world was freed and we had more room to breathe."

"I wouldn't like to leave this place. My heart is filled with lovely people, good food, relaxed atmosphere and kindness."

"Both body and mind rest here. A uniquely warm, permissive and peaceful atmosphere. And such good food!"

"It was amazing and restful. You place is paradise! I can't wait to come back."

"Opening the heart in one direction or another! Touching nature and landscapes."

"It's hard to even try to describe the peace of this place, you definitely have to experience it yourself."

"A little piece of paradise...a place where on the one hand you can curl up inside, be alone with your thoughts but on the other hand open all your senses and your heart."

"Thank you for a wonderfully relaxing vacation. the brain got much needed rest and silence. And what a beautiful place this is!"

"I am really Grateful for the Insights nature has given me about myself and that I could release and feel some Deeper emotions, pains and Sorrow with your help. I felt welcomed and supported during the whole time."

"A warm and impressed thank you to this place, for the retreat's support and nutrition. As well as to the gentle "calm sea" of Saimaa, coastal pines, the sound of wind chimes and sweet blueberries. Being here has been the most nurturing gift."

"It was worth coming this far. The staff with their dog and the unique atmosphere of the place will definitely be remembered. It is easy to recommend this retreat to others."

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