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Yoag retreat in Finland


"We feel that today's world is a challenging place for people to truly feel well and live a deeply satisfying life. The internal and external pressures to be successful and productive combined with the flood of stimuli loaded by the information society exhausts many people, not to mention the effects of internal conflicts of values ​​on a person, when "there is not enough time" for what is perhaps most important to oneself.


Navigating these turbulent waters requires mental strength, self-awareness, integraty and courage to set our own boundaries and to protect well-being and values that are important to us. 


In Utula, we want to offer a space where you can rest, gather strength and enjoy when you need it, and maybe ask yourself what might be exhausting you in your life, whose life you are living, what might require a change of direction or attitude in your life, and what could be the first step to that? "




"Body and mind nourished, shoulders massaged, muscles yin-relaxed, we are grateful. Long into the fall, my heart is warmed by this experience!”

 ”A fantastic place and a suitably relaxed stay executed with excellent taste. The service, food and facilities are top notch! "

"The place is peaceful, personal, rest for the soul and eyes. Clean and fresh, Maiju and Paolo are really friendly and considerate. The very best place in Finland. Excellent breakfast, different from the usual. Excellent concept, not crowded! Everyone has room to relax.""

"A piece of heaven in Saimaa. A place for relaxation, reflection and empowerment in nature, which shows us its true beauty."

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