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On our retreats we want to offer a safe space to calm your mind, to connect to yourself and find an broader perspective on your life.  Essential elements of our retreat are a digital fast, a speech fast, and therapeutic 1 to 1 -talks supporting your experience.

"It's important to slow down regularly
and ask yourself wise questions like what am I in a hurry for? What am I aiming for? Whose ideals am I really aiming for? Whatever essentials
the questions are for yourself."
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Yin yoga teacher, logotherapy instructor,resource-focused mindfulness instructor, nature therapy guide (ANTF), shiatsu masseuse, solution-oriented brief therapist (grad. 2024)


I am the founder and therapist of Utula Nature. I moved part-yearly from Helsinki to the shores of Utula in the spring of 2019 with the vision of building Utula Nature into a quiet retreat. At our retreats, I want to offer people a place to slow down and become more present in the moment and more aware of themselves in their lives.

I personally find it challenging to stay  in connection with what is most important to me in the fulfillment of obligations, external expectations and own plans. It takes slowing down, quiet time, space, sensitivity and honesty to recognize and acknowledge whether our previous goals are still truly important to us and whether the direction we committed to maybe a few years, months or weeks ago, is still relevant. The answer can be yes or no, but asking the questions is the most important thing.  We want to provide space for these questions at Utula's retreats and in my therapy services. 

I am an MBA and a designer from my previous professions. In 2014, I experienced a mid-life crisis of purpose and realized that I wanted to create a life for myself my in accordance with my true values, which support my well-being and contribute to the evolution of the humanity positively. I have been giving shiatsu massage since 2015 and in 2016 my beloved hobby of 14 years turned into yin yoga teacher training. Later, I also trained as a nature therapy guide, a logo-therapy instructor and a resource-focused mindfulness instructor. I am studying and graduating as a Solution-Oriented Brief Therapist in 2024. 


As a therapist, I am compassionate, present, questioning, accepting and responsible. My strengths are the ability to stay present with intense feelings, as well as firm trust in the purpose of life, in all circumstances.


Rebirthing breathing therapist, chakra yoga teacher, freediving teacher, head chef at Utula, craftsman

​I come from a mixed cultural heritage of British-Maltese family and bring a multicultural flavour to Utula. I spent around 25 years living around the world in countries such as Chile, South Africa, Thailand and The Netherlands. In recent years nature, peace, less densly populated living and the beautiful nordic forests eventually guided me to Finland.


From the first moments here I felt a strong connection to the land, Finnish culture and customs. ​ Utula felt like coming home for me; lake Saimaa's panoramic views often remind me of the sea and walking under Utula's shady forest canopy feels safe, grounding and welcoming after years of wandering in distant lands. I can say that there is no other place quite like Utula, it has a special magic. At Utula, I have a fondness for water sports, exploring in the forest, and developing new delicious recipes for our retreats. ​


In my life I have spent many years working on electrical installations, as part of ocean sailing crews around the world and training students in freediving, having a strong interest on self-development I trained as a Rebirthing Breathing Therapist in 2012 and Chakra Yoga Teacher in 2013 and have traveled around extensively in Northern Europe facilitating breathing workshops over the past 10 years. Yoga, music and intuitive movement are close to my heart.


I have been working as Maiju's partner at Utula Nature since the summer of 2020 and I find great value in co-creating a space for people at Utula, where they can calm down, come into greater presence with themselves and identify their needs.


Brain relief nurse intern, Emotional zone therapy student

I am a relaxation nurse and I go to Utula on Mondays to do gentle body treatments. I live in Lappeenranta and the best thing here is the connection to my roots and the beloved nature of South Karelia with its ridged pine forests. Nature is a great resource and a place of relaxation for me, and that's why it's wonderful to be able to offer relaxing treatments in the wonderful, peaceful environment of Utula.

I'm an optician from my first education, but over the years I started looking for something else alongside my full-time job. I set out to study the wonderful world of natural body treatments with the intention of welcoming a slower and more stress-free lifestyle for myself and my clients. Here we are, as a student of life passing on what I love.

I feel that our well-being consists of the balance of body, mind and soul.

With my treatments, I want to offer a moment of respite and the opportunity to return to yourself, as well as support in finding your state of inner peace through safe touch. Feeling relaxed and calm awakens our wise body's own recovery mechanisms. Inner calmness is reflected in our outer life, and from a state of security, genuine joy in life as it is also emerges.


Retreat and care assistant (in training)

Hani is a 2-year-old labrador retriever girl who is very affectionate, and is training for her first summers as a customer at Utula Nature. The subjects of training are, for example,  calmly greeting customers and staying outdoors, despite the fact that the doors of the houses are open. Hani is only allowed to enter when specially invited, and the accommodation rooms and the yoga tent are completely dog-free spaces.

Hani is a friendly, but very busy, enthusiastic teenage dog, whose initial enthusiasm subsides the fastest when he gets to sniff your hand, after which you will immediately be friends for the rest of your life! When booking your accommodation, please tell us if you are afraid of dogs, so we can get to know each other in peace or keep Hani in different rooms!


Utula Nature is a haven for detoxing from the stimuli of the noisy world. Find peace in nature and make space for your own feelings and thougths to rise to awareness by disengaging from input from outside world.

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