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The retreat is based on self-direction; it is completely your individual choice which activities you wish to participate in, which exercises to do or whether you want to take advantage of the opportunity for therapeutic conversation and guidance during the retreat. You can also come to us simply to rest. Speech and digital fasting are the only solid elements of the retreat that are common to all. ​

When we exclude stimuli such as smart devices, speech and social interactions, the sensual experiences offered by nature become emphasized and we also return to a naturally sensual connection with bodily sensations; we taste the flavors of delicious food better, we notice the song of the bird, we more sensitively feel the gentle steams of the sauna and the cool caress of the lake water on our skin. We open ourselves again to the simple and natural pleasures offered by life. Sensing and body awareness are also an essential gateway to connection with oneself, one's own needs and feelings.

The therapeutic guidance in 1-to-1 talks is based on the principles of solution-oriented and value and meaning-centered therapies (logotherapy). Orienting towards solutions means directing attention to possibilities and ways to move towards goals that are meaningful to you. Meaning-centeredness is based on the idea that people have an innate will to live a purposeful life by clarifying one's own values ​​and finding ways to implement them more fully in one's daily life. As a combined effect of these trends, you will realize what is important to you and will breing a strong internal motivation to make the necessary changes and find effective and realistic ways to implement the changes in your everyday life.




During speech fasting, we refrain from talking to each other, so our inner speech, thoughts and feelings naturally rise to our consciousness. A common speaking fast also gives freedom from social expectations, when the pressure to small-talk is removed. For many, it is a liberating feeling not to speak and to be allowed to turn towards yourself, but without being alone.

Digital fasting supports silence and a deepening of self-awareness when we are not exposed to external content - thoughts and content produced by others. In this case, what we ourselves think about ourselves, our activities and our life in general takes center stage. Reading books at the retreat is of course allowed, but even when reading books it is good to remain aware that books are also external content and thus can prevent the deepening of self-encounter.

Stimulus fasting is enabled by a speech-free, natural environment. There are balms for our nervous system to "listen to the silence" and get a relaxing break from the constant flood of information, stimuli and interruptions of normal life. However, we are not in the wilderness, so normal sounds of life can be heard from e.g. the neighbor or the lake.



Being in nature tunes us effortlessly to the frequency of nature, which for many is reflected in the experiences of peace and presence. Nature is in no rush for anything, no need to do anything even though growth does happen, nature accepts everything as it is and does not try to be anything other than what it is. In nature we see a never-ending natural cycle; birth, growth and decay and death. After being in nature long enough, these natural qualities begin to be internalized in us as well and we feel a new kind of comforting acceptance towards ourselves, each other and life. Nature also offers endless enjoyment through beauty, warmth, scents and tactile sensations.

If you want to exercise your body or explore the surrounding area, we have for your use a rowing boat, bikes and SUP boards for self-guided nature activities. By water you can explore the nearby islands or Huuhanranta's 2 km long beautiful natural sand beach. From our property there is also a marked walking route (in the direction of approx. 2 km) to Huuhanranta and (in the direction of approx. 4 km) to the lake viewpoint. By bike you can work up a sweat or explore the surrounding area along forest trails.

Guided nature activities are approx. 3 hours long guided explorations to nature in silence. Depending on the weather conditions and the size of the group, we will either go on a joint traditional Finnish church boat row to a nearby island, where we will have our own time to get to know the island in peace, or we will go for a quiet walk along the 7.5 km nature trail to the viewpoint and back along the beautiful Huuhanranta. Combining bilateral movement with quiet presence delicately brings new perspectives to thinking and enlivens the body, strengthening body awareness.



We offer a guided therapeutic process in the form of a workbook, created to help you reflect on any  personal theme on your own (4 or 6 day retreat): The process helps you to understand your situation or challenge, clarify the related goal through your values, strengthen your motivation and find ways to take practical steps towards a solution or change. Choose the exercises that suit you and do them at your own pace. You can come and share your experience and further work on the themes of the exercises also in a one-on-one therapeutic conversation.

The guided sessions are embodied sound journeys, in which we take a comfortable supine position on our own mat and surrender to the support of the ground. Here we simply receive the sound and vibrations of the instruments through our body, allowing ourselves to relax  and  surrendering to the moment. At the end of the journey, we land in silence, bringing attention to body sensations and the effects of sound therapy on the body and mind. After the journey, there is an opportunity to participate in a sharing circle.​



One-on-one therapeutic conversations are part of the retreat as a fixed element (20 min/session). When we remove the most common distractions such as social interaction, smart devices and noise from our experience during the retreat, we become more sensitive to the inner experience, our own thoughts and feelings and inevitably face our current reality. In this reality, there may also be a challenging experience, difficult thoughts, feelings and body states that can feel difficult to be with. If you are working on a theme that is important to you at the retreat, you can also come and share about it, and if you wish, you can get guidance and ideas for further work on the theme.

Sharing in a peer group is possible on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The sharing circle is held after the embodied sound journey and you can choose if you want to stay in the circle. In the circle, you can share your experience at the retreat in your own language or just listen to others in silence. In the circle, we do not comment on the experiences of others, but rather practice listening to each other with an open mind and heart.




"It was worth coming this far. The staff with their dog and the unique atmosphere of the place will definitely be remembered. It is easy to recommend this retreat to others."

"Thank you for creating a place to stop and heal. In Utula, you can see that you have put your heart into the place. It was definitely worth it to drive this far, I'm going home relaxed, thanks to you."

"The place is peaceful, personal, rest for the soul and eyes. Clean and fresh, Maiju and Paolo are really friendly and considerate. The very best place in Finland. The concept is excellent, not crowded! Everyone has room to relax.""

"In Utula, I got to experience all the shades of nature from the storm to the calmness of the mirror. The place is wonderful and insightful for thinking about life and examining your own priorities."

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