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Utula Nature Mainhouse


The line between indoor and outdoor spaces is blurred when nature floods in through the large windows and there are places to eat and relax outdoors for everyone. In the heart of nature, everyone will surely find their own space and peace - you will find your own place in the hammocks, lounge chairs or swing on the sandy beach.

Every evening a traditional woodlit beach sauna, equipped with panoramic windows, heats up. The warm outdoor shower is which is at your use 24/7 for washing. There are 3 eco-toilets and an outdoor washing station for morning and evening washing.


Meals are served in the main house; enjoy your meal indoors by candlelight, on the terrace of the main house with lake views, on the yoga terrace extending over the water in the evening sun, by the numerous picnic tables or on the terrace of your own bungalow in your privacy. 



The yoga tent is a natural, serene and beautiful space for our group classes on the sandy beach.  It offers views of Saimaa and the sounds of nature become part of the hour's soundscape. The tent has all the equipment needed for the classes, yoga mats, blankets and other aids.


We hope that you choose a place that you will keep for the duration of the retreat. This is how we keep the tent clean, when everyone takes care of cleaning their own place after class. Cleaning the yoga mat with a damp towel is done on the last day before departure.


Numerous outdoor spaces surrounded by nature, hammocks, a sun terrace, a yoga tent and  the main house's terrace and living areas are at your disposal. We encourage customers to spend time in nature as much as possible, because nature naturally calms us.

In the main house, you can use the common dining and living areas, the windows of which offer a 180-degree view of Saimaa. The large window view lets nature in even in rainy weather, and the comfortable sofas and fire in the fireplace will surely make you feel comfortable.


There are three clean bio-toilets for shared use, and you also have an outdoor washing point for morning and evening washing.

Washing takes place in a mixed wood-heated sauna that heats up daily or in a warm outdoor shower that is constantly available to you. Sauna is heated every evening from 19:00 to 21:00. 


Please wear a bathing suite in the mixed sauna and when swimming. Washing is done individually at the outdoor washing spot marked byt the "occupied" sign. A bath robe or sarong is convenient to pack along.


Utula Nature is located on a 200-meter family-owned natural sand beach at its right end. On the left end we have neighbours and the plot line is marked by "private sign". The retreat plot is green with pine trees bordering the shore and with the ancient mossy stones. The plot extends to the right from the reeds to the next green cove, from which the lake view opens far to the horizon and the sunset in the evenings.


Explore the lakeside independently by a SUP-board or rowing boat and join us on a guided silent row to nearby island.

A marked footpath leads from the yard to Huuhanranta, approx. 1 km away, to a 2-kilometer long natural sand beach, which is definitely a walking destination worth seeing.


"Body and mind nourished, shoulders massaged, muscles yin-relaxed, we are grateful. Long into autumn, my heart is warmed by this experience!"

 ”A fantastic place and a suitably relaxed stay executed with excellent taste. The service, food and facilities are top notch! "

"Clean and fresh, Maiju and Paolo are really friendly and considerate. The very best place in Finland. Excellent breakfast, different from the usual. Excellent concept, not crowded! Everyone has room to relax. "

"A piece of heaven in Saimaa. A place for relaxation, reflection and empowerment in nature, which shows us its true beauty."

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