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Saimaa sunset


"One beautiful day, sometime in the 30s, my great-great uncle, inventor and Suunto company founder Tuomas Vohlonen was fishing in Saimaa, when he accidentally ran his engine on the famous rocks of at Murhakorpi. He decided to land on the nearest shore to assess the extent of the damage to the engine and luckily got it repaired his broken engine. It wasn't until after the job that he really opened his eyes to the place where he had ended up by chance and found himself standing on a beautiful natural beach lined with Scots pines. That beach has been in our family for four generations now. This place has always been a place of relaxation for me and now it is for our customers as well .”


Utula Nature becomes a haven for rest and reflection

 In the summer of 2020, Utula Nature was opened to customers for the first time as a bed and breakfast place. Determinedly, summer after summer, the form of the operation has moved closer to its purpose, a retreat place that supports well-being, while the facilities and methods of operation have been refined to their current form through accumulated experience and customer feedback.


Today, Utula Nature is a retreat place for quieting down and meeting yourself, which is open throughout the summer season.


The purpose of Utula is to be a safe place for people to come and rest, find a closer connection with themselves and evaluate the direction of their own life and possible needs for change. An essential part of the experience is both digital and speech fasting, as well as therapeutic conversation that supports the experience.

Jumping off the hamsterwheel comes down to choices

Maiju and Paolo have both struggled on their way to a life that looks like themselves, where they experience deep meaning and where they are truly well - for them.


For us it has required a lot of perseverance, classic mid-life crises and several seemingly lost ways, but most of all sometimes hard choices.

For them, a life that looks like themselves seems much more unhurried, closer to nature and more value-driven than before.


At Utula Nature, they want to offer a space where you too can jump off the hamster wheel of your own life for a while - slow down, feel connected to yourself and see more clearly the path that has taken you here and the direction you want move towards.

Welcome just as you are!

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