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We need more sharing circles and anchors in our life – Utula Nature Reflection Circle on Zoom

Everyone has heard of the good old times, ”when the whole village would raise a child”, parents didn't need to know it all and the worst lacks in parenting we're corrected by the neutralizing impact of the community. You might have also heard that back in the days ”the community's elders were highly respected” - they would share from their wisdom and experience as well as guide the ones that would come after them. You did not have to learn everything the hard way and find your path alone.

Because these kind of social structures and forums are lacking or at least they are random in our modern Western society, loneliness and lack of support are somewhat epidemic. When a crisis falls on our lap, be it a midlife crisis or due to outer circumstances that shake the core of our lives, we need something to root us.

We need to feel, that although we and our lives might be changing very drastically, there is an anchor and support, where we can return to and share our experience with others. Feeling that, although we are alone on our unique life path and nobody can give us our own answers, we all share these challenges that come with human life and the big questions of life.

We welcome you to come as you are, to explore your life, to share, listen and be heard in circle together on Tuesday nights 7 PM (EET) on Zoom (read more about the English circles here)!

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