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"We are a peaceful haven
and a cocoon in nature 
for rest and reflection."

Come give your nervous system a break and
restore  a deep connection to yourself  - to your feelings, needs and thoughts -
in the accelerating pace and intensifying noise of the surrounding world.




Utula Nature is a unique silent retreat by beautiful Lake Saimaa, Finland, created for slowing down and introspection. We offer a gentle and supported environment for connecting to yourself and taming the busyness of life by taking an intentional break from the flux of stimuli and content from our devices and the obligations of social interaction.

Join our silent nature retreat when you feel drained, are in a life crisis, or you just want to calm your mind and nervous system in the peaceful nature - the digital and speech fast of the retreat will help you to connect to yourself. You can decide to work on any current challenge in your life during the retreat in the support of 1-to-1 therapeutical talks or simply rest and let the nature nurture4 and 6 -day retreat are held every other week throughout the summer 2024.

Organize a private event or customized retreat for your network of friends or your work team. Find the available dates ( between 3.6 - 30.9.2024) and read more about our options here.

Join us for our 2-3 night wellness weekends in summer 2024 and participate in a our lovely wellness events in our beachside yoga tent!



If you need a break from the pressures of everyday life and time for yourself and to reflect on your life, even a few day respite can be enough. Join us for a long weekend and if you will, participate in our wellness events in our lovely yoga tent!

Weekend events 2024*:

- Breathwork and cacao ceremony, 3 hours - every other Saturday (Midsummer 22.6, 14.7,27.7,10.8,30.8) 

- Embodied Sound Journey, 1,5 hours - every other Saturday (30.6,20.7,3.8,24.8)

- Yinyoga (various themes), 1,5 hours - Fridays

*Participation without a stay is also possible.

Fullboard includes accommodation, bedding and towels, meals, beach front sauna and free use of SUP-boards and rowing boat!


"Addictive  smartphones have already become such a seamless part of our lives that it is high time and  alarmingly urgent for us to learn to regulate own and our children's use of smart devices."

Dr. Anna Lembke, Dopamine Nation




"Silence soothes our nervous system and helps us return to ourselves."
Our nature retreat has been created for those who need a place to rest and calm down in the pressures and fast pace of life. The starting point of the experience is digital and talk fasting - just a few days of stimulus fasting helps us hear our own thoughts in a completely new way, recognize our needs and feel our feelings. If you will, share your experience in our sharing circles or in the privacy of our 1-to-1 therapeutical talks. Reap the benefits on our silent retreats or organize an event to your private network.

Organize a customized private event with us

Utula Nature was created for you when you are looking for a place to recover and face yourself in the pressures of life or you want to offer your network such an opportunity.

In Utula, you can organize a private retreat, for example, for your employees or a group of friends. The program of the retreat can include, for example, church rowing, a nature therapy walk, yin yoga, a cocoa ceremony or a sound journey.

Let's create a package that suits your needs - whether it's an unforgettable day event or a retreat experience lasting several nights.


We are now taking reservations for June 3-September 30, 2024.

"The distractions that fill your life make your life narrower. When you can't maintain your focus, you can't achieve the things you want either. If the situation continues for years, it erodes the ability to understand who you are and what you want. The ability for deep thinking and problem solving will weaken."

Johann Hari, Lost concentration

UtulaUtula ilmakuva.jpeg

"The digital fast I experienced helped me become aware of my subconscious and exhausting habit of constantly spreading my attention too thinly. It was also really liberating to have a break from my habit of seeking validation for my existence  outside of myself from social media."

Dr. Gabor Maté, Insights At The Edge interview


"Thank you for the peace, harmony, kindness, soul-soothing baths, delicious food and soft beds. The experience exceeded our expectations."

"You have created an absolutely amazing framework! In such a milieu and energy, an individual's inner strength and wisdom can emerge."

"The place, landscape, clean water, food, white sand, hosts & staff. Everything - Utula Nature must be experienced for yourself, it cannot be described in words."

"The location of Utula Nature on the shores of Saimaa is amazing! Many things in the design and operation of the place have been well thought out with the guests' well-being in mind. I would love to go again!”

The meaning of life can be found in connection with nature


At Utula Nature, nature connection meets luxury in a relaxed and soulful way. The boundary between indoor and outdoor spaces is blurred. Nature and light flood in through the large windows, and the outdoor areas have plenty of different spaces for relaxation. 

You will stay comfortably in our beautiful rooms and detached cabins, which offer breathtaking views of Saimaa. Let the lake breeze blow and take away the rush.

There are three eco-toilets for common use, a warm outdoor shower, a washing station and a beach sauna that is heated every evening.

Here, surrounded by silence and nature, you will relax fully. Utula Nature is a haven you can come to when you need a safe place to rest in the storms of life.  

Scandinavian retreat
Yoga retreat in Finland



Utula Nature's kitchen is best described as  World food with a Mediterranean touch. This means that in our kitchen, we combine familiar Mediterranean cuisine ingredients, lemon, cheese, tomato and garlic with world flavors and Finnish ingredients with a relaxed, generous touch! One of our favorite sayings when it comes to food and many other simple pleasures in life is "more is more"; more taste, more sight, more pleasures and more good for the body and mind.