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You can stay with us for 2-3 nights in full-board accommodation between Thursdays and Sundays. Check-in from 14:00 and check-out by 14:00. When you arrive at us, register in the reception room, where you will welcomed and  directed to your room! ​

Weekend events

Sound journey (Sound journey) is a guided session based on the healing effect of various musical instruments, in which we position ourselves and make ourselves as comfortable  by lying on our backs, receiving the effects of the vibrations in our body. Each sound journey is unique, and they use traditional therapeutic instruments known from different cultures such as drums, koshi bells, sea drums, sound bowls, rain sticks, etc. The class begins and ends with bringing awareness to body sensations in silence. 1.5 hours - every other Saturday from 16:30 to 18:00. (30.6, 20.7, 3.8, 24.8).* ​


Yin yoga (Yin yoga) is a slow paced and relaxing yoga suitable for all levels which improves you body awareness. Physically, yin yoga improves the body's mobility and frees the flow of energy on a deep level, and on an emotional level it aims to let go. It doesn't matter if you come to your first yoga class, you will still enjoy yourself! 1.5 hours - every Friday at 16:30-18:00.* ​


Breathing journey and cocoa ceremony (Cacao ceremony) is a unique experience, where you are instructed a gentle breathing method that opens energy blockages  which is continued independently lying on the floor on the back. In the beginning of the breathing journey, a medicinal cocoa drink is served, which promotes the opening of blockages of energy in the body, and the journey is accompanied by music. The journey ends with a short restful meditation in silence. 3 hours - every other Saturday (Midsummer 22.6, 14.7, 27.7, 10.8, 30.8).* ​


*1.5-hour event + dinner (45e, €20 for overnight guests), 3-hour event + dinner (€60, €45 for overnight guests).

Independent activities

If you want exercise, you can go cycling, walk on a nature trail, row, go jogging or do your own exercises in the yoga tent. ​


If you are driving and want to explore the surroundings, you can drive to Puumala's Norppapolku -nature trail, Kummakivi or Sahanlahti marina for an artisan pizza.



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