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Q:"Can I only participate in some of the activities and do I have to notify which ones in advance?"

A: Meal times, starting circle and closing circle are the only fixed elements of your retreatYou have the opportunity to customize your retreat to suit your needs; all activities are voluntary and you don't have to decide anything in advance, you can make choices according to your needs. It is not necessary to register for the activities separately, with the exception of a personal therapeutic conversation, for which a time is reserved by writing the name on the list on the wall of the therapy house.

Q: "Is the retreat in English?"

The retreat is completely bilingual, in Finnish and English (when we have international guests).You can use your native language when sharing in sharing cirlce and therapeutical talks are held either in Finnish or English.

Q: "What does digital detox mean?"

Digital fasting is an essential part of the content of the retreat, as smart devices are an essential factor that burdens us and constantly interrupts being with our own feelings and thoughts. Before descending into silence after the introductory info session, we collect the smart devices in storage for the duration of the retreat or you can decide to keep your device but putting it on airplane mode (advanced option). You can also give up other valuables that you want to put in a locked storage for the duration of the retreat.

Q: "What do I bring along?"

 The house offers you towels and sheets, yoga accessories and a personal throw blanket. Considerpacking for the retreat; comfortable walking shoes, layered weather-appropriate clothing, bathing suit, night robe/sarong (if you have one), writing pens and notebook, drinking bottle, earplugs, hat, sandals (handy when walking from building to building) and  a small backpack.

Q: "What if silence starts to feel uncomfortable?"

It is very likely that you will experience feelings of restlessness after descending into silence. Some of these can be "withdrawal symptoms" from e.g. stopping using the phone and in itself is a sign that you are on the right track when coming to the retreat. Uncomfortable symptoms disappear in a few days and the reward is a long-awaited connection with yourself and a relaxed mind.  Of course, if you want, you can end the retreat at any time in the middle, if it feels right.

Q: “What does silent retreat mean?"

A silent retreat is a retreat where there is no talking after the retreat begins except in sharing circle and 1-to-1 threapeutical talks. Sign language and a smile will help when needed.  We descend into silence together after the introductory info session of the first day and end the silence together on the last day. If you feel the need to share your experience or talk during the retreat, you can come for one-on-one therapeutic conversation guidance. However, a silent retreat does not mean that the environment is 100% silent; we are not completely isolated in the wilderness, so the sounds of people or life can be heard from the nearby terrain/lake. The staff might use some voice during the daily operation of the retreat between them.

Q: "How do we communicate at the retreat if the need arises?"

If necessary, you can communicate with your roommate by writing your affairs on a note and leaving the note on their bedside table. You can also leave a note with your name on the notice board for the staff, to which we will leave you an answer accordingly. If your matter is urgent, of course you can come and tell us about it at any time and we can go and talk in the reception room. 

Q: "How can my family reach me in an emergency?"

You can give your family/close ones Utula Nature's number +358 40 758 2335, where they can put a message they want you to forward or if they want you to call back.




"Body and mind nourished, shoulders massaged, muscles yin-relaxed, we are grateful. Long into the fall, my heart is warmed by this experience!"

 ”A fantastic place and a suitably relaxed stay executed with excellent taste. The service, food and facilities are top notch! "

"The place is peaceful, personal, rest for the soul and eyes. Clean and fresh, Maiju and Paolo are really friendly and considerate. The very best place in Finland. The food is excellent, different from the usual. The concept is excellent, not crowded! Everyone has room to relax. ""

"A piece of heaven in Saimaa. A place for relaxation, reflection and empowerment in nature, which shows us its true beauty."

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