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Brain relief is a deeply relaxing touch treatment that treats the scalp, face, shoulder area, hands and feet with various touch, pressure and massage therapy techniques. Treatment based on gentle and safe touch is a moment's respite for a stressed mind and body that balances the nervous system. It supports the body's own recovery and healing mechanisms. Treatment duration 60 min.


In reflexology relaxation treatment the body reflex points located in the foot and hand are treated, through which the relaxation of the whole body can be influenced. This opening treatment based on modern reflexology and gently balances your mind and body. Treatment duration 45 minutes.

The treatments are given in the yoga tent

on Saturdays in between 09:00-15:00

A relaxation therapist gives treatments at Utula Nature on Saturdays. Make your appointment for treatment via text message or Whatsapp +358 45 258 4858. Treatment is paid with Mobile Pay or bank transfer. The treatment day will take place if two customers have made reservations for the treatment.




"Body and mind nourished, shoulders massaged, muscles yin-relaxed, we are grateful. Long into the fall, my heart is warmed by this experience!"

 "A fantastic place and a suitably relaxed B&B executed with excellent taste. The service, food and facilities are top notch! "

"The place is peaceful, personal, rest for the soul and eyes. Clean and fresh, Maiju and Paolo are really friendly and considerate. The very best place in Finland. Excellent breakfast, different from the usual. Excellent concept, not crowded! Everyone has room to relax."

"A piece of heaven in Saimaa. A place for relaxation, reflection and empowerment in nature, which shows us its true beauty."

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