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At the retreat, you may notice that gradually:


Your resources return, when you can just be present, without schedules and everyday responsibilities and obligations. Gradually, your body and mind calm down and find rest.


The connection to yourself is strengthened, when we exclude external stimuli and motivations. Our inner voice and thoughts inevitably rise to our consciousness and we become more aware of our relationship with ourselves and our life.


Your feelings become clearer, when they have room to rise to the surface and be released through experience. Our feelings always have a message for us and now there is room for it to be received and understood.


The mind calms down and the ability to concentrate recovers, when you give your mind time to settle and get a break from the flood of stimuli. Sometimes the restlessness of the mind  may be due to you avoiding your feelings and therefore  artificially keeping yourself busy. As the mind calms down, new kinds of thoughts and ideas, different from everyday thinking, from deeper within the self begin to come to into consciousness.


Direction and solutions become clearer, when on retreat you get back in touch with your own experience and stop avoiding and running away from yourself and this way you face how you really feel and what you think. Facing reality is the starting point and clarifies the direction you want to take in your life. Solutions can be found and clearer direction starts to open up only when challenges and dysfunctions are acknowledged and faced.



Our silent retreat is for you when...


- you feel a constant compulsive feeling of hurry, difficulty slowing down and you need the right environment and boundaries to support you in it.

- you feel that there is not enough time or space in your everyday life to find the lost connection to your deepest feelings, needs and dreams and you want to experience the reconnection again.

- you notice that you are addicted to busyness, to constant doing-mode and to external content (podcasts, social media, books, etc.), you find it difficult to be quiet and do nothing even though you know deep down that you need it badly.

- you are unsure whether you are living a life according to your values ​​and dreams and you need time and space to evaluate the situation honestly.

- you are exhausted, you need rest and time to analyze the root causes of exhaustion and realize what needs to change in life.

- you are curious about how it feels to be without your phone and with your own thoughts for several days and you suspect that it can support your well-being.

- for one reason or another, you long for a change of scenery, time to be by yourself, a break from everyday responsibilities.




Being in silence can sometimes be a challenge for all of us, because things we are uncounsicous about ourselves in everyday life may raise to awareness during the retreat, and it may not necessarily be just pleasant. Facing these feelings is a brave and necessary step and the starting point to changing the course of our lives, our attitudes, etc. and feel genuinely better feelings in the future. You may become aware of, for example, the following issues:


  • About our own judgmental or otherwise disturbing thoughts and inner speech.


  • Of denied, blocked or forbidden feelings that may surface.


  • From uncomfortable body sensations when you become sensitive to your bodily experience and overexcitation of the nervous system, restlessness or discomfort may come to the surface.


  • Addictions to external stimuli, for example (to digital devices, food, other people, etc.) that prevent you from facing your own state of mind and thoughts.


  • About the fact that it's hard for you to be in your own company.


  • From the exhaustion that sets in when you stop running and running away from tiredness.


You are not alone with possible difficult experiences and you are in safe support at the retreat. The retreat includes sharing circle to sharing your experince and the opportunity for one-on-one therapeutic talks (30min)  with a trained solution-oriented therapist, a logotherapy-, mindfulness-, nature therapy- and yin yoga- instructor. You can also come and talk at any time also outside of these discussions, if the need arises. Read more about us from here.



"Thank you for the peace, harmony, kindness, soul-soothing baths, delicious food and soft beds. The experience exceeded our expectations."

"You have created an absolutely amazing framework! In such a milieu and energy, an individual's inner strength and wisdom can emerge."

"The place, landscape, clean water, food, white sand, hosts & staff. Everything - Utula Nature must be experienced for yourself, it cannot be described in words."

"Utula Nature's location on the shores of Saimaa is amazing! Many things in the design and operation of the place have been well thought out with the guests' well-being in mind. I would love to go again!”

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